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This mecha (exo-suit) is grey and yellow, the favourite colours of MINIONS.

So it looks intimidating but the mecha's hold is in fact a cosy bedroom with a clock, a drawer, a phone, a lava lamp, a mug, a light/eye.
The hold can be locked closed with a rotating brick (dark 61409 on the front).

The LDD has minor modifications (feet) and the picture features some part usage which LDD qualifies as illegal but the LDD file is just fine.
Features a large spinning eye in the back, which actually vibrates and produces a sound.

This is a very stable model, which will allow plenty of personal changes depending on the parts you've got(some parts are fairly old and hard to find), with plenty of play value. lt uses key parts from the Power Mech 31007 (the more recent Metalbeard Duel 70807 should do as well), which is pretty much a must have if you want to rebuild this mecha.

The cabin uses 2x 84954 and quite essentially 1x 6087 is used to provide an unusual, fairly technical but very strong link for the legs.

Apart from those key bricks the rest should either be very easy to find in a brick collection or can be modified (in particular decorative elements) to suit taste or part availability. No big online order in sight!

I did the unthinkable and bought a mega*****s minifig for this MOC!
A LEGO minifig fits very well too obviously (see LDD). The "banana" accessory is not in the build

minion mecha.lxf