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MOC-5555, Lego Technic 8416 forklift fully motorized and remote controlled by Chilekesh.

Here's my remake of one of my favorite sets, 8416. It is fully motorized and remote controlled. It additionally has a functioning and tilting steering wheel. I used two actuators for tilting the lifting assembly for it to be realistic mechanically but one is actually enough and the assembly in the rear of cabin can be gotten rid of that way. I tried to stick with the original looks as much as I can while stiffening up the structure in various places.

Here is the youtube video and here is the rebrickable page.

8416 Motorized - 01.jpg
8416 Motorized - 02.jpg
8416 Motorized - 03.jpg
8416 Motorized - 04.jpg
8416 Motorized - 05.jpg
8416 Motorized - 06.jpg
8416 Motorized - 07.jpg
8416 MOTORIZED.lxf
8416 MOTORIZED.png
8416 MOTORIZED sm.png