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With the 'Steppenwolf'-project I aim for an AWD platform that can serve as the base of a push-along car. It is meant to fit 'ordinary' AWD cars rather than Baya truck-like vehicles. The platform combines all-wheel-drive with Ackermann steering, progressive camber angle, caster angle, kingpin inclination, 4 stud suspension travel and 5 stud clearance (with 94.8 x 44 R balloon tire). As suspension and drive characteristics have the main focus in this design, I prefer not to see these characteristics being affected by a too flexible chassis. I want a rigid chassis that does not twist too much while riding on an uneven surface.

All these ideas resulted in a platform that has been built up from three main modules; the front module, the center module and the rear module. These main modules incorporate the complete drive train, including front axles, rear axles and (5+R) gearbox. The gearbox is based on Boratko's 5+R AWD gearbox and has been extended with a center differential lock. The platform has been completed with three secondary modules; a v12 engine, a steering console and finally two car seats that can move and tilt. The engine can be placed at the front or at the back of the chassis. The seats have been inspired by the car seats as can be found in Nathanaël Kuipers' Concept 4x4 and have been extended with the ability to move back and forth.

Both front and rear suspension are independent and based on the double wishbone concept with a longitudinal torsion bar attached to the lower wishbone, see the image below.

LDD-files with building directions for the individual modules can be found here.

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