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Screen-accurate, full-scale replicas of the Ninjas' mechs from the LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Green Ninja Mech Dragon pictures
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Fire Mech 1.png
Fire Mech Arm 2.png
Fire Mech Foot 2.png
Fire Mech Foot 3.png
Fire Mech Foot 4.png
Fire Mech Foot 5.png
Fire Mech Foot.png
Green Ninja Mech Dragon.lxf
Green Ninja Mech Dragon.lxf_00000.png
Lightning Jet 3.png
Lightning Jet 4.png
Lightning Jet.lxf
Lightning Jet Size Comparison.png
Quake Mech 1.png
Quake Mech 2.png
Quake Mech 3.png
Quake Mech 4.png
Quake Mech Arm.png
Water Strider 3.png
Water Strider Comparison.png
Water Strider.lxf