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This is a very compact (482 parts) and fast buggy, with a topspeed of ~9km/h, using 2 L-motors for propulsion. It uses 1 servomotor for steering and has 2 LEDs on top of its roof.

It steers very smooth, even at high speeds (sometimes it does drift a bit though).
The acceleration is decent, though you will need about 10m of flat, smooth ground to reach its topspeed.

It is quite strong. However, every once in awhile, you need to fasten the steering mechanism -by pressing against the angled liftarms- and its gearing -by pressing against the sides next to the rear wheels.

I use 2 24 teeth gears and 1 8 teeth gear. This gives it a very high topspeed, though it takes longer to accelerate and it reduces the torque quite a bit. You can choose to use 2 20 teeth and 1 12 teeth gear instead. This reduces the topspeed, but it increases the acceleration and torque.

RB: http://rebrickable.com/users/Jerry%20LEGO%20creations/mocs/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSz1yFA7xxtwjB4uxRCGxsw/featured?view_as=subscriber
You can ask me questions about the moc on either rebrickable or youtube as well.

Some high-res hdr pics:

RC Race Buggy Instructions.pdf