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The C-ROC Gozanti-class light cruiser was a common modified version of the standard civilian Gozanti-class freighter. Particularly favored by pirates and smugglers, C-ROC Gozantis were a regular sight in seedier parts of the Galaxy throughout the late Republic and Imperial eras. A modified C-ROC, the Broken Horn, was the personal starship of the smuggler Cikatro Vizago and was used to covertly land the Spectres on Imperial-occupied Lothal.
This set includes models of both the Broken Horn and a regular (TCW-era) C-ROC. At 1:1455 scale, or approximately 11.64 meters per stud, these models will perfectly complement your Star Wars fleet! Although they are not "UCS models" per se, they are UCS scale, designed to match 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer and my other ship models (and any of the huge number of other peoples' MOCs that are also designed to fit with the official Ultimate Collector Series ISDs). The stand design included in the Stud.io file is merely a suggestion.
These models are primarily hosted on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-79537/Kdapt-Preacher/11455-broken-horn-and-c-roc-gozanti/#details

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