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1:17 scale model of Lemken plough.
Designed and built by Eric Trax, instructions made by me.

Instructions can be bought here:

Visit his Facebook page for more great agriculture models: https://www.facebook.com/Eric-Trax-167670136660216/

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This model has been built to work with two of our tractors, New Holland TM140 and Fendt Favorit 514C

Features plow rotation and variable positions of the support wheel.

Parts list in Rebrickable, Bricklink XML, Brickstore and png versions can be found here, along with PDF with stickers:


Instructions sample:


Before you buy these instructions, please read the following carefully.

– This model is not recommended for persons under 16 years of age and those with little experience in building more complex models.

– The assembly is likely to take quite a bit of your time, because it needs repeatable build of 10 similiar modules.

– Before purchasing, please review the list of required parts. Most of them are widely available, but this model uses large quantities of some parts, like 40 machettes, 40 bar holders with handle etc. The Machetes can be easilly changed to Bar 4L parts, due to its wider availability. Basically this plow can use any part with bar, below are some not-so-serious examples :)

- This model uses separated halves of Technic Turntable Large Type 2, Complete Assembly with Black Outside Gear Section (26/56 Teeth) , due to way it is built. The easiest way to separate them is to put a ruller between those halves and pry slightly (believe me, I tried it several times and it works).

LEMKEN Europal 7x Stickers.pdf
lemken-europal xml.txt
LKMN blueprint.png
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lmkn a28a_page_28.png
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