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Model of Sandvik MH620 Roadheader. It was built under 3 weeks, for Sandvik exhibition in 2015. Features six pneumatic and four electric functions. The cutter boom can be raised and exteneded pneumatically. Cutting tools are driven by 47154c01 motor. Main conveyor is driven by PF M motor and it also drives the loading stars. Loading table can be raised and widened pneumatically. Rear conveyor is driven by single PF M motor and can be turned pneumatically. Stabilizing plate is placed on the rear part of the chassis and is operated pneumatically. The bolting unit can be moved (single M motor), but whole bolting arm does not have moving parts (but can be posed manually).
The chassis itself is motorized (both tracks driven at the same time, only front-back movement), but weight of the model is too big for L motor to handle it properly. And when I discovered that failure, it was too late for rebuild. Anyway, it did not had chance to move on the table, so let's say that it's a feature ;)

It ended quite well, but if there was much more time given, it could be much better (drive system, etc).

Here you can see how it works: