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Every rocket has a launch pad. The mighty Saturn V rocket was assembled on the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP), a two-story structure that supported both the rocket and the 380 ft Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT). Once the rocket was assembled, the entire platform was slowly rolled out to the launch site so that final preparations could be made. Nine service arms provided access to every critical part of the rocket, acting as fuelling ports and providing electrical power to critical systems. When all was ready, the crew boarded the ship that would ferry them to the Moon. The service arms swung away from the rocket, the tail service masts at the base of the rocket swung back behind heat proof shields, and the rocket soared towards the heavens.

This is a model of the Apollo 11 Launch Umbilical Tower and Mobile Launch Platform (MLP). The model is a faithful 1:110 scale recreation of the entire launch tower. Many technical drawings and photos were consulted over the last twelve months in an effort to make the model as accurate as possible, although a few details (such as the placement of the fuel pipes and environment ducts) are not readily available and required some educated guesses.

The model has several features:
Raise the damper arm once roll out is complete!
Rotate the crane away from the rocket (crane is non-functional)
Retract the crew access arm once the astronauts are aboard!
Pull back the eight service arms once the countdown reaches zero!
Rotate the three tail service arms!

An LDD file of the finished model is provided, which features each part of the model grouped into small sub-assemblies to show how the model should be assembled. A 600 page instruction manual is also provided. Permission is not given, and will never be given, to use any of these files (images, LXF, PDF) in any way that makes money (e.g. through sale of kits). This is a purely digital model, and has not (yet) been built in real life. It should be a strong and stable model, but it may prove to be fragile and collapse if you breathe on it. Anyone attempting to build this out of real bricks does so entirely at their own risk. All parts used have appeared in official sets released within the last 2-3 years.

This gallery include various work in progress image showcasing the design process. It concludes with a set of photo-realistic images generated using the fantastic Mecabricks website.

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