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This is a model of the German World War II tank

Jagdpanzer IV/L70

build in micro scale which leads to a scale ratio between 1:100 and 1:120. I build multiple models so the LEGO pieces do not support an identical scale over all different types of the tanks, but I think this is a good compromise to make them playable within the same setting.

The model can be used for different tabletop games like
Bolt Action
many other tabletop games involving tanks
or just for an exciting LEGO diorama.

This set comes with 9 different camouflages.

Because of missing part/color combinations not provided by LEGO, the same tank can differ within camouflages.

The instructions include the hose parts in a long size. You can also purchase hose parts in different size if they are cheaper. You have to cut them anyway.

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