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The Raptor is a planetary superiority fighter, capable of both atmospheric and space flight. It is a potent fighter but lacks the range of dedicated space superiority fighters, typically operating within one astronomical unit of its base. This is due to the lack of long range FTL drivers, which allows the Raptor to focus on its improved short range equipment.

Raptors are used mostly by planetary defense forces, police, and colonial militias. While there are better planetary fighters in the market, Raptors are comparatively cheap to construct. The initial designs were built quickly using salvaged materials in response to threats from outside the Sol Expanse.

Some inexperienced space jockeys look down on planetary fighters, but experienced pilots know that when in a Raptor's "territory", a space fighter can no longer assume they have the advantage. Raptors are built with only winning in mind, and the pilots, who know their territory well, are better prepared to use the terrain to their advantage.