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To build these models I started by setting aside the wheels and black 12x1 bricks, so they would not influence my thinking. The wedge plates had struck me as being suitable elephant ears and also had potential as legs. The form of the model then came about by the available red parts.

The black rhino was inspired by set 2165 - Rhinocerous. Its configuration was partly dictated by the available bricks after completing the elephant.

31100 Elephant Rhino_0.png
31100 Elephant Rhino_1.png
31100 Elephant Rhino_2.png
31100 Elephant Rhino_4.png
31100 Elephant Rhino_5.png
31100 Elephant Rhino.io
31100 Elephant RhinoList.ldr
31100 Elephant Rhino.pdf
31100 Elephant Rhino.png