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My recreation of the famous 1987 rallye car and "Pikes Peak Hill Climb" winner, driven by Walter Röhrl!

See also my BRICKLINK page for this car - with the 3D rotatable building steps, parts list AND possibility to order your parts directly from there: https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=69576

This is not the version with authentic looking stickers - nor my naked/"nkd" MOC, ready to put stickers on.
I created this version with coloured tiles to substitute the authentic-looking stickers of the LEGO IDEAS-Project version:
The coloured tiles may look a little bit clunky, but that's the easiest and fastest way to rebuilt this Pikes Peak S1 without having to make the stickers by yourself.
BUT MOST IMPORTANT: Draw the diagonal shape of the passenger's seat window with a BLACK MARKER, like I did (see photo below).

But if you have this set and want to try making the stickers on your own?
Then see my MOC collection "wto" / "white tiles only" - that is an addition to this car: You can exchange the coloured tiles with the white tiles and create the stickers yourself. How to create the stickers? See the explanations for the "wto" and "nkd" MOCs as well as my bricksafe page "The Stickers...".

Have fun!

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ASQS1PP1987 wct - TH with coloured tiles.jpg
ASQS1PP1987 wct - TH with coloured tiles - parts list.csv
building instruction for ASQS1PP1987 wct - with coloured tiles.pdf
diagonal window shape - black marker!.jpg