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This set is part of a new faction to Classic Castle, the horrible Skeleton Horde!

With the awakening of the sinister Skeleton King, undead warriors all across the land are rising from their barrows to join his skeletal army. Many greedy and evil human mercenaries have also answer his call. The Skeleton King sends these mercenaries to seek out ancient burial mounds and awaken the skeletons that lie within. One mercenary has found such a barrow. Now all he has to do is light the magic torch to bring the dead warrior back to life!

This set features 1 skeleton minifig, 1 mercenary minifig, and a hidden barrow tomb. The skeleton warrior rests on a slab that slides out of the barrow.

The instructions and render images show a couple of custom parts, the Skeleton Horde monster-skull shield, the mercenaries Skeleton Horde monster-skull torso, and the mercenary’s stubble-faced head. These parts do not exist in real life, but another version is shown in the gallery which is 100% buildable. Similar usable parts have been substituted. I am happy to share the custom digital Studio elements upon request.

I hope you will enjoy this original Classic Castle faction, The Skeleton Horde. I have a few more sets planned for this faction along with another new faction. Stay tuned!

Classic Castle MOC by Tyfighter77
T6064-1: Skeleton Warrior's Barrow

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