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120 angled_main.png
120 angled v2.lxf
120 angled v2.lxf.png
120 angled v3.lxf
120 angled v3.lxf.png
120 angled v3 stud.io.png
5x7 frame.lxf
5x7 frame.lxf.png
Dark side of the primitive logo.png
Dark side of the primitive.lxf
Hexagon primitive.lxf
Hexagon primitive.png
Hexagon test.lxf
Hexagon test.lxf.png
Infinite - primitive - Single part 1.png
Infinite - primitive - Single part.lxf.png
primitive test.lxf
primitive test.png
Protein assembly.lxf
Protein assembly.png
Protein assy 2.lxf.png
Protein core.lxf.png
Protein module.lxf.png
Protein wider assy.lxf
Protein wider assy.lxf.png
Protein wider assy.top.png
Super primitive.lxf
Super primitive.png