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Toa Gali and Turaga Nokama investigate the mysterious temple on the shores of Naho Bay - but they're ambushed by an angry Tarakava! Help Gali defeat the dangerous Rahi and discover the the secrets of the Bohrok Sea Temple!

- Raise and lower the temple door!
- Pull out the back axles to make the pillars collapse!
- Includes Toa Gali, Turaga Nokama and Tarakava minifigures!
- Set contains 366 pieces
- RRP $34.99


My entry for the TTV MOC Contest #2 where the challenge was to create a feasible Bionicle set using mainly System elements. Wanted to do a few entries but unfortunately ran out of time.

Also, I know the Photoshopping isn't great, but given my newbish skills and time constraints I'm really happy happy with how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts!

door function.jpg
main group shot.jpg
minfig group shot.jpg
pillar function.jpg