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This is a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado. The model was not scaled which means I built it from pictures only. I also decided to make it with two doors instead of four doors because it makes it look sportier. It was inspired by this car: Cadillac. It is driven by two PF XL motors and steered by one PF L motor. It also has a two-speed transmission powered by a PF M motor with either a 1:8.337 gear ratio with 241.78 N.cm of torque or a 1:15.003 gear ratio with 435.08 N.cm of torque. The V8 engine is attached to the motors so it does not go slower or faster when you switch gears. Due to the solid axles, one wheel can go 10 studs in the air while the other three wheels stay on the ground. The battery pack is easily removable and it is also right over the rear axle so that the car has good traction in the back and a low center of gravity.

The body clips right onto the chassis with nine connectors. The front lights clip onto the switch and then they turn on when the battery is turned on. Sadly the rear lights and the lights in the front bumper do not work. The hood, trunk, and doors all open.

The chassis works great on its own but is a little heavy with the body on. So, although it does have enough power to drive over some stuff, it will a lot more powerful with the body off.
Hope you like it as much as I do.

This is a MOC (My Own Creation) and it is made out of 100% Legos.

Important: you must open the LDD Cadillac Body.lxf file with Developer Mode enabled and Toggle Physics Test on since many of the pieces have collision errors and they will be automatically removed from the model if you open it without Toggle Physics Test on.

LDD Lego 2 Speed Chassis.lxf