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Here i will upload various models of experiments that i have made.

Simple Scissor Lift
3 files
small axle
5 files
arocs steering.png
Audi Q7 - 2.png
Audi Q7 - 3.png
Audi Q7 - 4.png
Audi Q7 - 5.png
audi Q7.lxf
Audi Q7.png
forest fire unimog.png
leaf spring 1.png
leaf spring.png
Lifting Hook 1.png
Lifting Hook 2.png
Lifting Hook.png
LXF chassis with (maybe no so great) modifications..lxf
MAN Transmission MOD.png
mega train B locomotive.png
mega train completed.png
mega train v2.png
mega train wagon.png
Pivot Point 1.png
Pivot Point 2.png
Pivot Point.png
Planetary Axle Comparison 1.png
Planetary Axle Comparison 2.png
Planetary Axle Comparison.lxf
Planetary Axle Comparison.png
Planetary Axle.lxf
Planetary Axle.png
Planetary subtractor.lxf
Planetary subtractor.png
Reciprocating Scissor lift 1.png
Reciprocating Scissor lift.png
small suspension-1.png
small suspension-2.png
small suspension-3.png
small suspension.png
Steering Arm By ZBLJ.lxf
Unimog Tile 1.png
Unimog Tile.png
unimog u400 new.lxf.png
unimog u400 new.png