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I found this MOD on Rebrickable.com.

I really love this MOD. It fit's perfectly next to my old 854-1. And powered by 2 L-motors on the rear axle it's a real power rocket for this small model. You can even spin donuts on your floor.

I more or less kept the original design from metulskie8, but
- built the model in original color
- created 3D model with MLCad starting from LDraw's Official Model Repository (OMR)
- created full PDF building instructions with LPub3D

Published on Rebrickable.com
You need 1 additional SBrick in parts list!

Have Fun to rebrick your Go-Kart!

42048-GoKart SBrick.mpd
42048-GoKart SBrick.pdf
42048-GoKart SBrick.png