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This is my Project to

Pimp up my Lamborghini
based on the beautiful LEGO SET 42115-1 - Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.
You will need these 341 additional parts to build it.

I have started the Pimp up my Lamborghini project on June, 10th 2020.

So far I have included these MODs:

v1.2 - 2021-02-03

1. Pimped up spoiler lift mechanism with self-locking worm gear instead of friction pins.

2. [size=2][font="Open Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]New rendering of building instructions with the new printed parts (3068bpta3068bptb, 3069bp0m4162pt160483pt198138pt3) I have authored on ldraw.org.[/font][/size]

3. Changed some building step sequences between page 17 and 35 to make it easier to assemble the parts thank to some valuable input from Kumbbl.

v1.1 - 2020-10-22

1. New rendering of building instructions with the new body parts now available on ldraw.org

2. Pimped up scissor doors keeping them in open and close position by using shock absorbers with spring as proposed by gethema

3. No more swabbly doors by reinforcement of door link and better guidance of doors.

v1.0 - 2020-07-03

1. Optimized gearbox based on the Pimp up my Bugatti design with center diff integrated into nice 11x15 window frame

With help of Didumos69 we both have optimized this gearbox with a nice symmetric design to fit completely inside the new 11x15 frame, having less gear meshes and less friction, geared up for a better overall performance. The engine is running 2.6 times faster as in the original build. Maybe the most compact sequential 8+R gearbox with central differential for 4WD and 8-1-gear-block ever designed with LEGO technic. The reverse gear is also directly connected to the center diff.

Many thanks to Didumos69!

2. Removable cylinder head cover from DataNinja

3. Reversed paddle shifter to gear up when pulling right paddle to the driver
Also secured 2L Liftarms to not fall off during shifting

4. Hand-Of-God Steering and Hand-Of-God Shifter with Gear Indicator on the dashboard

5. Changed some parts in color to get a clean build

6. Optimized and reinforced front axle with Ackermann steering based on the design of Didumos69, with gear rack limiters to avoid rubbing the rims to the steering arms when steering is fully inclined.

7. Thanks to stevenhalim I added an additional window in the underside giving an additional view inside on the "red" cardan shaft between front and rear axle, the "yellow" knob gears for the shifting mechanism and the 2 "grey" CV-transmissions for forward and reverse gear between gearbox and DNR-switch.

8. Easy to remove seats

9. Roof reinforcement MOD by stevenhalim for an easy and "safe" one-hand-grip to carry the car.

10. Adding some friction to the spoiler lift mechanism to keep the rear spoiler in uplifted position.

11. Creating free available building instructions (283 pages PDF in total)

Have fun to pimp up your Lamborghini!

1968 Dodge Charger MOD
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15 - 42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini - Gearbox HOG-HOG shift.png
16 - 42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini - Gearbox HOG-Ackermann Steering with HOG.png
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42115 Pimp up my Lamborghini-1-2-0-gearbox_up.png
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