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I found this model on Rebrickable.com.

I really love this design. Thanx to the desinger metulskie8!

I have build it and modified it with these features:
- Steering wheel turns when activated by servo motor
- Gearing up Speed 1:3, so now it runs really fast powered by the 2 XL-motors
- Built in SBrick, this allows far range and smooth steering with high speeds
- Create 3D model using stud.io
- Create full PDF building instructions with LPub3D
- Published on Rebrickable.com

You need 1 additional SBrick in parts list!

Red Road Racer SBrick#41.png
Red Road Racer SBrick#42.png
Red Road Racer SBrick#43.png
Red Road Racer SBrick#4.mpd
Red Road Racer SBrick#4.pdf
Red Road Racer SBrick#4-powertrain1.png
Red Road Racer SBrick.png