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I found this MOC on rebrickable.com.

I have built it with lot of fun and really like this MOC. It is very detailed and close to the original Sherp ATV. Using a differential gear for steering in combination with S-Brick is a great design. Many thankx to the designer of this MOC: Kevin Moo.

After building the Sherp ATV I made these modifications by myself:
- Using technic chains instead of a sequence of 9 gears on each side. This is exactly like the transmission of the real Sherp ATV and it more stable and has less backlash
- Modified front door for easy step in of a driver
- Filling some gaps on the ground plate
- Fixing middle part of PF lights cables

Sherp ATV chains.png
Sherp ATV front door.png
Sherp ATV gear train.png
Sherp ATV ground plate.png
Sherp ATV.mpd
Sherp ATV.pdf
Sherp ATV sbrick.png