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After coming from my 'lego dark age' in 2017 after long 20+ years pause, due to born of son and recollection my old lego technic sets from my childhood days, I considered getting some new studless technic sets to see, what has been changed

Initially got some smaller models, then 42009 Mobile Crane and 42043 Mercedes Benz. 42043 set with it's many universal parts made me think of building MOCs.
I was suprised, what else can be built from 1 set with some inovative thinking. It is filled with great set of gears and connection pins.

1) to build as much as can be done as c-model with as many functions as original model or real vehicle, without adding any aditional piece
2) functions needs to be manual (so now 3,5 old child can play with them, not to harm gears by electronics or pneumatics) (wheeled excavator was an exception)
3) if alternate of recent model, add some new functions
4) alternate of model, that can't be easily bought these days (7 years and older), also add some functions
5) create digital model or instructions of finished model, so my son can built them alone, once he is bigger (optional)

So if you can see the models, all add some other function, that was not presented, also considering that parts aren't the same, there are many build-arounds

Also considering that I build all these models during 2 years timespan (after going off my 'dark' age after 20 years without lego (never worked with studless before), with having a 9-17 job, and 2 children at home), I'm very satisfied with the outcomes

I like building of models, but don't want to waste time creating instructions, which take so much time and i'm sitting at computer on my standard 9-17 job :(
That's why there are so many models waiting for them to be created.
Once instructions are done, i'm asking here on rebrickable only decent price considering amount of time I spent creating it, small number of sales definitelly doesn't repay time spent

If anyone is interested in cooperation on creation of model instructions, let me know, thanks

24 hours race car from 42077
23 files
8070 Supercar RC
11 files
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey from 42082
0 files
Boxer Cabrio from 42077
20 files
Caterpillar M322D wheel excavator (42043 C-model)
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Claas Xerion 5000 TRAC VC with 8 attachments from 42082
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Cooling Fans Exposed MOD for 42077 Rally Car
16 files
F1 from 8070
17 files
First Responder from 42043
19 files
Formula Grand Prix Racer from 42077
19 files
Go-Kart from 42077
20 files
Hovercraft from 42077
9 files
Hydroplane Racer from 42077
8 files
Manitou Telehandler from 42043
31 files
Mine loader (42049 alternate, 42043 C-model)
25 files
Monster truck (42005 alternate, 42038 C-model)
32 files
Propeller Plane from 42077
17 files
Tatra 813 (Madoca)
19 files
Tow truck (42079 alternate, 42043 C-model)
24 files
Tracked racer from 42038
13 files
Trophy Buggy from 42077
23 files
Trophy Truck from 42077
29 files
Volvo Articulated Truck (8264 alternate, 42043 C-model)
25 files
Windmill from 42082
11 files
Yellow dune buggy (from 42030)
19 files
ZZZ In Progress
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