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Instructions are available at https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-44326
Welcome to 42039B version 2 - Pickup racer.
Obligatory credits go to Uwe Wabra and TLG as they did the original B model.

The instructions file is 2 in 1.
This means it has BOTH RC and MANUAL steps inside.
The manual version requires NO EXTRA PARTS.
The RC version requires some PF elements and two gears.
For extra off-road-ness use 42037's wheels and tires. That's it.

I didn't like huge HOLE in the back of the original and so I made the SUV into a pickup truck.
It seems to be more fitting with the parts available in the 42039 set.


Independent suspension
Rear Wheel Drive (+RC control)
Steering (+RC control)
Opening hood
V8 engine
Optional headlights roll-up
Back cover roll-up
Bed floor (manual version)

Bugfixes from the original B model:
Bigger tires don't rub on the frame anymore
No more big hole in the rear
Doors moved forward by 1 stud for better proportions
Fixed the holes in the roof
Can easily be fitted with PF LEDS both in front and in back /up to 4 pairs/

The list of parts combines the extremes of the two builds as they slightly differ.

If you've got the original 42039 you're good to go for the manual build.

For the RC one, just add the power functions, clutch gear and a 8t gear for the steering.

Building instructions are made with stud.io in FULL HD and are quite optimised for building using a phone. File is split into 2 PDFs due to rebrickable's requirements.

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WIP and real shots
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