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This anti-aircraft gun is inspired by the Bofors 40 mm automatic cannon. This MOC is the last one in a series of shooting mechanisms and provides a maximum in reliability, number of rounds, shooting distance and precision of gun allignment. The loading sequence is improved by the recoil of the guns making the locking of the shell in the gun barrel as realistic as possible. The 13 rounds are automatically loaded and fired at a rate of one shot per second. By means of the power functions a rapid gun alignment and target following is possible.

Like all previous shooting mechanisms the installation of steel springs or rubber bands is required. With the steel springs a vertical shooting hight beyond 2.4 m is obtained resulting in well more than 6 m horizontal shooting distance.

The rubber bands for the loading mechanism are installed like this and that.
The LDD file shows the positon of the technic gear 40 teeth in the case of synchronous operation of the guns. For minimizing the motor load run them in out of phase mode by simply rotating one of them by 45°.

rubber band blue.jpg
steel springs.jpg
yellow rubber bands.jpg