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Big fan of the SPACE POLICE II sets from 90th, I decided to design new ships with the Space Police II color style. Some of those creation found their inspiration in Stargate and Stargate Atlantis TV Show. Idea was to imagine what kind of ships should be necessary to maintain peace and order accross the galaxy.
Here is the different ships and their functions :
- Eagle - Scout Starfighter
- Galactic Home One - Mothership deployed on the middle of the fleet to coordinate strategical move during a space battle (inspired by Prometeus ship from Stargate SG-1)
- Galactic Interdictor - Warship deployd to protect stategical places
- Galactic Punisher - Multi-use assault Cruiser (Inspired by Wraith mothership from Stargate Atlantis)
- Galactic transporter - Transporter ship to move prisonners accross the space
- Galactic headquarter - Space Police II Headquarter (Inspired by Atlantis City from Stargate Atlantis)
- Police Transporter - Troop Transporter
- Star Shadow - Elite Starfighter

Space police - Eagle_01.png
Space police - Eagle_02.png
Space police - Galactic Home one_01.png
Space police - Galactic Home one_02.png
Space police - Galactic Home one_03.png
Space police - Galactic Home one_04.png
Space Police - Galactic Interdictor-01.png
Space Police - Galactic Interdictor-02.png
Space Police - Galactic Interdictor-03.png
Space police - Galactic punisher-01.png
Space police - Galactic punisher-02.png
Space police - Galactic transporter-01.png
Space police - Galactic transporter-02.png
Space police - Head Quarter_01.png
Space police - Head Quarter_02.png
Space police - Head Quarter_03.png
Space police - Head Quarter_04.png
Space police - Head Quarter_05.png
Space police - Police transporter_01.png
Space police - Police transporter_02.png
Space police - Police transporter_03.png
Space police - Star shadow_01.png
Space police - Star shadow_02.png