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The 74-Z speeder bike was a model of speeder bike which saw service during the Clone Wars and then later used by the Galactic Empire in combat, and for reconnaissance purposes during the Galactic Civil War. They were usually piloted by scout troopers and were able to jam com-links. The 74-Z speeder bikes had any machinery that the Empire thought unnecessary stripped off to maximise their speed. Some might call it a "death trap", but the speeder bikes' terrain sensors had a connection to a HUD in in every scout trooper's helmet, to let them know what was ahead of them.

The colour-scheme for this build is based off the speeder bikes as seen in the TV series The Mandalorian. For the Return of the Jedi look, just replace the light bluish grey parts with reddish brown parts.

More Detail, see here:

5 files
5 files