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I was reintroduced to Lego in 2017 and since then I've wanted to build a small 4x4 vehicle with independent suspension and remote control, but Lego doesn't have such sets, as far as I know, and there aren't many MOC with instructions for that, so I created this mod of 42037 set, though mod is a relative term, it has the same rear suspension, color scheme, seat, and part of the cabin frame, and that's it.

It has double wishbone suspension, 4WD with 3 differentials (front, central, rear), 2 L-motors for drive, 1 servo motor for steering and BuWizz 2.0 for controls and as a battery. Steering wheel in the cabin is connected to the servo, so it rotates when the car turns.

I wish it had locking differentials, but that's probably too much for such a small (?) Lego car. An engine block would have been nice also, but in my experience the servo motor has to be as close to the steering rack as possible to reduce the backlash, so I chose to put the servo motor in the front of the car. The model file uses 6.5 hard springs, but they are probably too hard, judging by my 42037 original set, so I'm planning to build it with soft springs to test.

BuWizz 2.0 is represented in the instructions by a block of dark bluish gray bricks in the back of the car. Standard Lego batteries won't fit there without a remodel of the rear part.