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RC bulldozer with Caterpillar D11T as inspiration

size (studs): 27 width (blade), 24 height, 40 length (including digger's range)
weight: 1177g (including full battery box)
tracks: from 42055

4PF = 4 RC functions
uses battery box 64228
uses SBrick but of course works with Lego IR

RC functions:
* driving, left and right are separate functions (each XL)
* raising-lowering front blade (medium)
* raising-lowering rear diggers (medium)

non-RC functions:
* cabin can be opened to switch the battery box.

* traction only works at carpet and alike (tracks' regular problem)
* rear digger should not be lowered to max otherwise will mess up with drive. not necessary as digger can go 2 studs lower than the bulldozer anyway without maxed.
* front blade also lowers lower than bulldozer itself (realistic) but it can cause problems on driving at carpet etc. test on sand and it will work fine.

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