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I started out with a 8258 and than another 8258 to build a trailer. I build a truck 12x12, 4 axle steering and full suspension. The truck is a part of an ongoing project. But no trailer.

The trailer and dolly and booster are the other parts og this build. For the trailer I started with the great MOC of Ingmar Spijkhoven and MOD it. I gave it an extra axle, gave it and extra axle that can lift up. Lengthen the deck by 16L and the neck by 10L. Gave it a PF winch a PF LED rear lighting. Gave it a SBrick with the necessary cables. Moved the battery box to the dolly. And changed the color scheme to that of the 8258.

The build of the dolly is 99% done. I'm waiting for the last couple of bricks. The dolly is a MOC inspired by a dolly seen in Australia. 3 live axles, battery box (reality a generator), PF support legs, PF LED in the rear, gave it a SBrick. (End up moving the SBrick to the neck of the trailer)

The booster will be build as last.