Terms of Service

You must abide by the following rules in order to use the services offered by Bricksafe. Failure to do so may result in your account being removed, or permanently banned.

The admin team may, without warning, remove any content considered to violate these terms.

LEGO Copyright

At no time can you upload or display content that violates The LEGO Group's copyright. This includes images with the LEGO Logo. See LEGO's Fair Play Policy for more details.

Content Ownership

You must not upload materials that you do not own.

You must not distribute files that would violate the copyright of the original creator. For example, if you purchase Building Instructions for a MOC, you must not upload them and publicly share them.

Inappropriate Content

You must not publish materials that are copyright-infringing, or inappropriate for a LEGO-fan audience. While Bricksafe allows some content that would normally not be considered appropriate by The LEGO Group (e.g. military items), we do not allow content that depict: heavy violence, drug use or sexual content.